jet ski in water

Funny Jet Ski Puns & Jokes

Hey, Skiers. Want to be punny while you ride the waves? We’re ringing in summer with some of the most freestyle jet ski puns we could spin. We know a few of these are wheelie bad, but we impeller you … Read More

paddle boarder on lake

Is Paddle Boarding Hard?

From shore, paddle boarding can look a bit challenging. It is done on a board with relatively little surface area (compared to a boat or a jet ski) and is powered solely by human force. So, from a distance, it … Read More

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surfer doing hang 10 sign

Hang 10 And LOL With These Surfing Puns

Want to make your surfer buddies laugh while you’re waiting for that next wave? Puns never fail to bring the LOLs, and we’ve got some fun surfing puns to help you out. Just prepare yourself, cause some of these are … Read More

woman snorkeling

What Is Snorkeling?

Snorkeling is the act of using a snorkel to breathe underwater. That’s literally the only requirement. You don’t need a mask, you don’t need fins. If you are breathing through a snorkel, you’re snorkeling. However, many people think of snorkeling … Read More