What Size Is The Drain Plug On A Boat

What Size Is The Drain Plug On A Boat?

Typically, most standard boats come with a 1/2 inch drain plug. But don’t etch this number into stone; there are exceptions and variations depending on the make and model of your boat. It’s always best to check your specific boat … Read More

Can You Fill Pontoons With Spray Foam

Can You Fill Pontoons With Spray Foam? 

The short answer is yes, but it’s not as straightforward as it might seem. Spray foam is often used in pontoons for buoyancy and insulation purposes. However, there’s more to consider before grabbing that can of expanding foam. You’ll need … Read More

Do Hydrofoils Help Pontoon Boats

Do Hydrofoils Help Pontoon Boats?

Hydrofoils are an innovative accessory that claim to improve a boat’s performance in several ways. They work by lifting the boat’s stern while cruising, reducing drag and improving fuel efficiency. In theory, this means quicker planing times, increased speed, smoother … Read More

Best Hydrofoils For Outboard Motors

The Best Hydrofoils For Outboard Motors (2023)

Ever find yourself skimming across the open sea, thinking, “Man, this could be so much smoother?” Well, do I have the game-changer you’ve been waiting for: hydrofoils for outboard motors. Yeah, that’s right–those slick, wing-like add-ons that can turn your … Read More