4 Essential Beginner Kayaking Tips

kayaking with pfds

If you are just getting started in kayaking, you need to acquire a few basic skills early on. These skills are so basic and so obvious that you may not even think you need to learn them. That is, until you actually need them. What You Should Know Here are a few of the basic … Read more

Take A Friend Out With You: Best Tandem Kayaks Reviewed

couple in tandem kayak

It can be quite difficult to determine which tandem kayak is the best one for you and your water mate. Often times buying a tandem kayak will be a joint decision between two different people so this can make it even harder to decide on a singular kayak, especially if you both have pretty different … Read more

How To Get Into A Kayak From The Water

getting back in kayak

As a new kayaker, I think there is one fear that most beginners have in common – ending up in the water instead of in your kayak and having to get back in the vessel. While this is something that is much more likely to happen in fast moving water, such as when white water … Read more

How To Hold A Kayak Paddle (The Right Way)

holding a kayak paddle

If you’re new to kayaking, then you may not know the proper way to hold the paddle when you’re in the water. The reason that this is important knowledge for a beginner is because it affects your time out in the kayak. When you hold a kayak paddle the wrong way, you can tire too … Read more

Keep Your Feet Dry & Safe With The Best Kayaking Water Shoes (2022)

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Finding the right kayaking water shoe will depend on a few different things. What you wear when kayaking is important and can depend on the paddling environment and the likelihood that you may be taking an unexpected swim. Kayaking water shoes are designed to get wet, but still provide you with enough support and comfort … Read more

Essential Kayak Fishing Accessories

fishing kayak

Without the right gear, fishing can be difficult. This affects everyone from beginners to pro anglers! Fishing kayaks are specially designed to help you keep your balance and carry everything you need for a successful trip. Below we’ll go over the most essential accessories that you’ll want out on the water when you go fishing … Read more

How To Get Started Kayak Fishing (Beginner’s Guide)

man fishing in kayak

The great thing about kayaks is that they’re easy to maneuver on the water. They’re also rather quiet, so you can focus on your surroundings without disturbing the fish. So, if you’re looking for a fishing setup outside of a traditional boat, then let us help you get started with kayak fishing. Kayak Fishing Setup … Read more

How To Transport A Kayak Without A Rack

kayaks on trailer

Kayaking is an incredibly popular outdoor activity in the U.S. with about 16 million kayakers. It’s a fun sport and a great way to enjoy nature. Perhaps you are one of the many millions of kayaking enthusiasts who’ve made that worthy investment and can’t wait to load it up and take it out to your preferred … Read more

Is Kayaking Dangerous? What You Should Know

women on kayaks

One of the first questions you should ask when starting any new sport is, “Is it safe?” In reality, the most accurate answer to this question is, “No.” Nothing in this life is 100% safe. Even sitting on the couch has its own unique perils. But when it comes to certain adventure sports like kayaking … Read more

Sea Kayak vs River Kayak vs Lake Kayak: What’s The Difference?

kayak on shore

Kayaking enthusiasts tend to be very specific about their preferences for kayak type, because each one offers a distinct experience. Each different type of kayak is optimized for the particular aquatic environment in which it will be used, since concerns ranging from water speed through depth need to be factored in for an optimal experience. Let’s … Read more