Hang 10 And LOL With These Surfing Puns

surfer doing hang 10 sign

Want to make your surfer buddies laugh while you’re waiting for that next wave? Puns never fail to bring the LOLs, and we’ve got some fun surfing puns to help you out. Just prepare yourself, cause some of these are groan-worthy. Remember – you were warned! Surfing Puns These are puns specifically related to surfing. … Read more

Ultimate Insider Guide to Surfing In Europe

cadiz spain

Surfing in Europe is very different to surfing anywhere else in the world. There are hundreds of surf spots along the Atlantic Coast and most of them are beach breaks. The different countries and cultures that you come across make surfing in Europe so unique. In Europe, a ten minute drive across the border means … Read more

Wear The Best Rash Guards Out In The Water (2022)

surfers in rashies

If you are an avid swimmer or surfer then a rash guard should be of extreme importance to you. You want to be able to keep warm when you are out in cold water and you also want to make sure that you are protected from the sun’s UV rays. If you are a surfer, … Read more