boy swimming

Can Swimming Give You Abs?

Swimming is not just a leisure activity but a form of exercise. Swimming can help you to burn excess fats and tear body weight. Strong abdominal muscles are essential for good back health. Back and forth muscles keep you balanced … Read More

cleaning swimming pool water

DIY Homemade Pool Clarifiers

A nice cold swim on a summer afternoon sounds like an activity many would enjoy. If you try closing your eyes and imagine a pool, you will most likely picture a clean swimming pool. Nobody likes swimming in a cloudy … Read More

swimmer doing sidestroke

How To Swim Sidestroke (Tips, Techniques & Drills)

Learning to swim includes becoming familiar with many different swimming styles. These have different uses and benefits, such as in emergencies, leisure, and exercise.  Certain swimming styles are especially important for practical and even life-saving applications. You may have heard … Read More


Breaststroke vs Freestyle: What’s The Difference?

Breaststroke and freestyle are two popular swimming strokes. Swimming has a lot of benefits and each stroke also has its own unique benefits.  Below we’ll cover the differences between these two popular swimming strokes.  What Is Freestyle Swimming? Freestyle is … Read More