Can Swimming Give You Abs?

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Swimming is not just a leisure activity but a form of exercise. Swimming can help you to burn excess fats and tear body weight. Strong abdominal muscles are essential for good back health. Back and forth muscles keep you balanced and prevent internal organ slumps and compressions. In the chase to tone your body figure, … Read more

DIY Homemade Pool Clarifiers

cleaning swimming pool water

A nice cold swim on a summer afternoon sounds like an activity many would enjoy. If you try closing your eyes and imagine a pool, you will most likely picture a clean swimming pool. Nobody likes swimming in a cloudy pool as it is unpleasant to look at and definitely not healthy. Cleaning your pool … Read more

How To Swim Sidestroke (Tips, Techniques & Drills)

swimmer doing sidestroke

Learning to swim includes becoming familiar with many different swimming styles. These have different uses and benefits, such as in emergencies, leisure, and exercise.  Certain swimming styles are especially important for practical and even life-saving applications. You may have heard of the sidestroke and its uses in emergencies. This useful swim style makes it easier … Read more

Types of Swimming Strokes and Styles

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With water covering three-quarters of the globe we live on; it would seem to behoove us to at some point in our lives to learn how to swim.  Indeed, there is a myriad of reasons why you might want to learn swimming skills, and a partial list of those reasons includes lakes, hotel swimming pools, … Read more

Butterfly vs Breaststroke: What’s The Difference?


On the surface, the breaststroke and butterfly look like they have similar mechanics. Both strokes require the bringing forward of the arms in an arcing motion and a flexed knee kick of the legs. They’re also based on forward propulsion and require the lifting of the head out of the water at a specific point … Read more

Pool Flocculant Basics: What You Should Know

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A pool is a great place to relax, especially when it’s hot. But what happens when it becomes cloudy and you want to have a swimming session as soon as possible? Or when you have just planned an outdoor party with your friends only to realize your pool is full of algae?  The answer is, … Read more

How to Tread Water (Techniques, Exercises, and Drills)

treading water

Being in the water can be a lot of fun, as long as you know how to swim or stay in a shallow area. Most everyone feels comfortable in the water as long as their feet can touch the bottom and their head is sufficiently out of the water. However, there may be times you … Read more

Breaststroke vs Freestyle: What’s The Difference?


Breaststroke and freestyle are two popular swimming strokes. Swimming has a lot of benefits and each stroke also has its own unique benefits.  Below we’ll cover the differences between these two popular swimming strokes.  What Is Freestyle Swimming? Freestyle is one of the most common types of swimming strokes. This swimming technique is often seen … Read more

What Is Sculling Swimming? (And How To Do It?)

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Sculling is a technique to help swimmers improve form and build strength. Using this technique, swimmers can feel the water and focus on the pitch of their hands in the water. Sculling is similar to rowing. In rowing, the paddle is in the water and it turns, stops, and drives the boat. In swimming, the … Read more