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Inspirational Paddle Board Quotes (SUP Quotes)

Paddle boarding is more than an activity.

It’s a full-on lifestyle.

The people who love it love it, at least enough to lug around ten foot of board or inflate their boards at the water’s edge even for just a short paddle across a calm surface or toss upon the ocean waves. (Okay, so there are plenty of paddle boarders who rent, but give into the passion.)

man on paddle board on lake

Paddle boarding is simply one of those activities that inspires loyalty, the kind that gets under your wetsuit and beckons you back to the water again and again.

If you’ve been looking for a reason to step onto a paddle board and push off into uncharted waters, these quotes might be just the inspiration you need to see why SUP has earned such a band of devotees.

  1. It’s the closest you get to walking on water. – Bill Bailey (comedian)

Well, there it is. If that’s not inspiring, I don’t know what else could be.

2. The wind can take you some cool places, but so can your paddle. – Richie Norton (author)

It’s not specifically about paddle boarding, but it definitely applies.

3. It’s just a really good way to re-center. Being on the water is really peaceful, and you have to focus on your balance and holding yourself up. Doing a little bit of yoga under the sun on the water is really, really magical. – Jamie Anderson (Olympic snowboarder)

SUP yoga, anyone?

sup yoga at sunset

4. Paddleboarding is what happens when you want to kayak on a surfboard or surf a kayak: You stand atop a board paddling yourself around. It’s a leisurely good time. – Jonathan Miles (author)

Paddle boarding as a cross-over watersport? It does make sense.

5. Every time I get on a board, there’s an initial process where you have to recalibrate your balance, then you relax into it and get into a rhythm. You can stop looking at your feet and you’re in that zone. – Bill Bailey (again)

Just so you know experienced paddle boarders struggle with balance too.

woman kneeling on SUP

6. I love paddle boarding. It gives me that feeling of peace as well as an opportunity to enjoy nature’s true beauty. – Camille Grammer-Meyer (Real Housewife)

If you’re still looking for a reason.

group of paddle boarders

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