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Funny Jet Ski Puns & Jokes

Hey, Skiers.

Want to be punny while you ride the waves?

We’re ringing in summer with some of the most freestyle jet ski puns we could spin.

We know a few of these are wheelie bad, but we impeller you to give them a chance.

They might even crank a laugh out of you.

So, nozzle on up and let’s (wave) jump on in.

PWC/Jet Ski Puns (Jet Ski, WaveRunner, Sea-Doo Puns)

These personal watercraft (PWC) puns are good for all occasions.

  • Get a grip!
  • Stand up for jet skiing!
  • Jet skiing is a stand-up activity.
  • I do watercrafting.

PWC Brand and Craft Puns

These puns are specific to PWC brands and models.

  • Sea See, Sea Doo
  • Wave Runner

They are literally their own puns!

  • EX-Rider (Yamaha)
  • Jet Blaster (Yamaha)
  • I gotta SPARK for the sea. (Sea-Doo)
  • WAKE me for jetskiing. (Sea-Doo)

Punny Jet Ski Jokes

All of these PWC/jet ski jokes feature punny punch lines.

Q: What’s a trick jet ski rider’s favorite breakfast?

A: Donuts.

Q: What do you call the hairstyle you get after riding a jet ski for a while?

A: Your Sea-Do.

Q: How do you get the attention of someone on a jet ski?

A: A wave.

Q: Why did the man get off his PWC and try to jog beside it?

A: He wanted to be a Wave Runner.

Q: Who’s a trick jet ski rider’s favorite superhero?

A: Superman.

Q: Why wouldn’t the guy on the back of the jet ski smile?

A: He was too stern.

Q: What is a jet skier’s favorite thing to drink on the left side of their craft?

A: Port.

Q: What did the PWC passenger say to the driver after he flew off the front of the craft?

A: Please, don’t throttle me.

Q: Did you hear the jet skier just got a much larger PWC?

A: It’s quite the large hull.

Q: What did the PWC expert say when the man at the conference stood up to ask what kind of craft he should buy?

A: Sit-down.

Q: Where do PWC owners invest their money?

A: Offshore.

Q: What did the jet skier’s friend do when the jet skier told him the crank in his PWC engine stopped working?

A: Gave him the shaft.

Q: What’s a jet skier’s favorite style of mustache?

A: Handlebar.

Q: What’s a jet skier’s favorite type of chair?

A: A rec-liter.

Q: What did the PWC passenger say when the driver suddenly jerked her foot on the deck?

A: Foot well?

Q: What did the jet skier do when he won only the front portion of a PWC in a contest?

A: Took a bow.

Well, did we get a ripple of laughter out of you or take a real nosedive?

Thrust us, we can sea how some of these jet ski puns might be exhausting.

We’ll just surf on outta here.

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