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Can You Jet Ski To Catalina Island?

Want to get out of Los Angeles on your jet ski?

You can head straight to Catalina Island on your personal watercraft!

Or, join a group and take a guided tour there.

This article will discuss what you need to know and how long it is going to take.

How Long Does it Take?

You will be riding a jet ski from Long Beach to Catalina Island, which will take about 40 minutes to 75 minutes.

This time is dependent on whether you are experienced or a beginner and are choosing to go with your own jet ski or a rental.

There is also the option of taking a guided tour from Long Beach to Catalina Island.

The guided tour will take a couple of hours as they will be catering to all levels of riders, which will make the tour much slower, but it will give you a chance to do some activities.

What do You Need to Know?

Yes, you could probably just take your jet ski and ride from Long Beach to Catalina Island, but it may not be the best idea.

You are going to need to plan your trip as there are quite a few components to the trip that you would have to take into consideration.

Although it is not a very long jet ski ride, it will be on the open ocean, and it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Check the weather conditions

You are going to want to make sure that the ocean conditions are perfect for jet skiing.

The weather will determine whether or not your trip will be cut short or completely canceled.

15-knots of wind should be the limit in which you should ride.

At 10-knots, you will already experience a bumpy ride.

Although there are plenty of sheltered areas along Long Beach to Catalina Island, rough seas are not ideal.

If you have booked a jet ski tour, be sure to check with the company before going on the trip.

They may market that they have tours every day despite the ocean conditions, but they can cut your trip short if the weather does not permit.

What should you have with you?

Whether you are an experienced rider or not, packing in the correct gear for your trip is vital.

If you are choosing not to take a guided tour, it is recommended that you pack safety equipment as well as a mobile device to call for assistance if anything happens.

You should also pack in a spot tracker or an EPIRB.

Don’t forget drinking water, a tow rope, as well as an extra tank of fuel.

This is most important for those riding a Sea-Doo watercraft.

Anything can happen, so it is best to always be prepared.

Pack in snacks for the ride like a granola bar or fruit snacks and do not forget to keep them in waterproof ziplock bags.

If you are taking a guided tour on the jetski from Long Beach to Catalina Island, you will be briefed on safety, be given safety equipment as well as a lesson on how to use a jetski properly.

Ask as many questions as you need to so. The staff and tour guides are well trained and are fully capable of handling any kind of situation.

Know where to park your jet ski

Once you have reached the beautiful island of Catalina, you should know where to park your jet ski, especially if you are choosing not to take the guided tour.

You are going to want to take an early trip as this will ensure that you will get a good parking spot without any hassle of waiting or crowds.

If you are taking a tour, you will be shown where to park by the tour guides.

This will ensure that everyone on the tour stays together and that the jet skis are safe.

If you are choosing to stay overnight on Catalina Island, the best places to park are Avalon Beach, Hamilton Cove, and Descanso Bay.

Parking overnight does come at an extra cost, but it is worth it as it is safe and secure.

Taking a tour

When taking a guided tour, you are sure to experience the most amazing ocean adventure.

You will be witness to all the wonder that the Pacific Ocean has to offer.

Marine life, dolphins, and sea lions as well get a chance to go hiking, cavern swimming at Blue Cavern Point, and even snorkeling in the crystal clear waters.

You will receive snorkeling gear from the guides.

It is certainly not a boring tour as this jet ski adventure has so much to offer!

Not only will you get a chance to be amongst marine life, but you will also get a chance to do on-water activities and spend the entire day taking everything in on the extreme adventure.

Once you get to the island, be sure to have your wallet ready for lunch and gift shop.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are taking a guided tour or choosing to go on your own, experiencing this offshore playground is a must!

Seeing the pacific dolphins, snorkeling, and doing on-water activities are just some of the most exciting activities you can do on this pacific ocean adventure.

Taking a jet ski trip from Long Beach to Santa Catalina Island is a jet ski adventure for the books and knowing you have experienced all of this after you depart Catalina Island is a ride back that will sure to have you smiling.