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How To Jet Ski To Moreton Island

If you are in Brisbane and looking for adventure, head on down to Moreton Island on the Gold Coast.

There’s no better way to spend hot days on the water with friends and family than doing fun activities.

One of the best water activities is taking a jet ski from either South Port, Scarborough, Manly, or Wellington Point.

From here, Moreton Island (Tangalooma Island) is a fantastic place to go and visit.

Riding alongside dolphins and taking in the breathtaking scenes of the Glasshouse Mountains is something that should most definitely be on your bucket list!

Here’s everything you need to know about this incredible trip.

How Long Does It Take to Jet Ski to Moreton Island?

image: Russell Charters, Flickr/CC 2.0

The duration of the ride to Moreton Island is very much determined by where you are riding from.

  • If your route starts from South Port, you can take up to 75 minutes, the longest route.
  • From either Scarborough or Manly, the journey is around 20 minutes.
  • Starting at Wellington Point, you can expect the trip to take up to 25 minutes.

Whatever route you decide on, you will be experiencing the thrill of a lifetime amongst marine life like turtles and dolphinsand seeing beautiful scenery while on the open ocean!

What Should You Consider When Taking This Trip?

There are quite a few things you should consider when taking this trip, especially if you are taking it alone and choosing not to join a guided tour.

What to pack

Don’t forget a mobile device to help you in case of emergencies and a key tracker in case it gets lost in the water!

Pack in small snacks like a granola bar and water so you have something to nibble on and drink on the way.

Take a tow rope and extra fuel in case you run out of fuel or if anything happens to the jet skis on the way – it’s always better to be prepared!

Other considerations

Plan what time you want to visit Tangalooma Island.

Like many popular destinations, it gets incredibly crowded in the summer months, even more so over the weekend.

It might be best to head off early to get there before the crowds decend!

Lastly, check the weather conditions for the day.

There’s nothing worse than having to cut your trip short or completely cancel it because the sea is rough and the wind is choppy.

Should I take a guided tour or go alone?

To experience everything that Moreton has to offer, consider taking a guided tour on a jet ski.

This is also a great choice for beginner jet skiers who may not be confident going alone.

Experience the beautiful island and its surroundings by joining other riders to have even more fun!

You can fill your day with so many fun activities when going on a tour and maybe even learn a thing or two on the way from the tour guides.

Can I take the trip in one day?

Yes, but if you want to experience all there is on offer here, consider staying overnight at Tangalooma Island Resort and wake up to the beautiful view of the Glasshouse Mountains.

Spend the weekend bathing in the sun, swimming, and eating delicious food!

Bribie Island, Moreton Bay, is a great way to spend more time taking in all of the sights of one of the world’s largest islands.

Safety When Jet Skiing to Tangalooma From Brisbane

Going to Tangalooma on a jet ski is a lot of fun, but there are some things that you need to keep in mind when going there, especially if you are not choosing to join a tour with a company.

  • Weather is going to play a huge role in your ride. Be sure to check the weather conditions before going.
  • Keep an eye out for sandbars, especially at the Gold Coast, Victoria Point, and Logan.
  • Get familiar with the local marine rescue. These are the people you should contact if you need assistance.
  • It would be ideal to go with at least two others. There’s always safety in numbers, and if you need to be towed or anything else, you will have someone with you.
  • Be mindful of the marine traffic. There will be other vessels on the water like boats or other jet skis.
  • Know which is the safest route to take. It’s recommended that instead of going straight across, you go across the southern end and island-hop on your way.
  • If you’re using your own jet ski, make sure that you have taken it to get a service or thorough maintenance check before you go on your trip. You would not want to experience any kind of malfunctions on the way!

Final Thoughts

Taking a jet ski ride to Tangalooma Island is a wonderful experience.

With so many impressive sights, marine life, and resorts, you will make the best memories!

Plan your next adventure to this island with your loved ones the next time you are in Brisbane – follow our tips above and you’ll have an awesome time!