Can You Start A Jet Ski Out Of Water?

jet ski on trailer on beach

Whether you have a Sea-Doo, an off-brand used jet ski, or a Kawasaki jet ski, owning a personal watercraft for those fun water adventures is fun, but you have to know what goes into keeping it in good condition. So, you might be wondering, can jet ski engines be started out of water? The short … Read more

Can I Leave My Paddle Board Inflated?

inflatable paddle board on sand

Having an inflatable paddle board is super convenient, except for the time that it takes to inflate it each time you want to take it out on the water. But do you really need to re-inflate that iSUP every single time you go paddle boarding? Or can you just leave your paddle board inflated all … Read more

Can I Add A Seat To My SUP? (Paddleboard Seat Options)

paddleboard seat

While paddle boarding is intended to be an activity that you do while standing, from time to time you may wish that you had a seat on the board. Though paddle boards do not come with seats, you may wonder if one can be added to the SUP. Yes, you can add a seat to … Read more

Funny Jet Ski Puns & Jokes

jet ski in water

Hey, Skiers. Want to be punny while you ride the waves? We’re ringing in summer with some of the most freestyle jet ski puns we could spin. We know a few of these are wheelie bad, but we impeller you to give them a chance. They might even crank a laugh out of you. So, … Read more

Stand-Up Paddle Board Puns That Will Have You Row-ling (and Jokes!)

couple on paddle boards

SUP, paddlers? You board? We’re cruising through with some of the fin-est stand up paddle board puns around. They may not be strokes of genius, and some of them are a little oar-nery, but we still hold the stance that a few are rail-y funny. Check out our hull. Funny Paddle Boarding Puns These stand … Read more

Inspirational Paddle Board Quotes (SUP Quotes)

sup clip art

Paddle boarding is more than an activity. It’s a full-on lifestyle. The people who love it love it, at least enough to lug around ten foot of board or inflate their boards at the water’s edge even for just a short paddle across a calm surface or toss upon the ocean waves. (Okay, so there … Read more

Getting Started With Stand-Up Paddle Boarding (Beginners SUP Guide)

paddle boarder moving toward bridge

Stand-up paddle boarding is a rapidly-growing watersport that is far easier than surfing or waterskiing, but offers many of the same great benefits. Unlike surfing, which requires waves, or waterskiing, which requires a boat, stand-up paddle boarding is also a self-contained activity that can be done on any body of water (as long it’s wide … Read more

Is Paddle Boarding Hard?

paddle boarder on lake

From shore, paddle boarding can look a bit challenging. It is done on a board with relatively little surface area (compared to a boat or a jet ski) and is powered solely by human force. So, from a distance, it looks like paddle boarding requires too essential things – balance and strength – which it … Read more

Are Inflatable Paddle Boards Better For Beginners?

woman kneeling on paddle board

When you’re ready to buy your first stand up paddle board, you have to choose between an inflatable SUP and a solid body SUP. You might be wondering which type of paddle board is best for beginners to learn on – is it an inflatable SUP? Yes, inflatable paddle boards are better for beginners to … Read more

What Size Paddle Board Do I Need?

woman paddle boarding in wetsuit

If you are preparing to take up stand up paddle boarding, then the first thing you need to do is get yourself a good beginner stand up paddle board. But there is one question you need to answer – what size paddle board should I get? There is no one size fits all answer to … Read more