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Hang 10 And LOL With These Surfing Puns

Want to make your surfer buddies laugh while you’re waiting for that next wave?

Puns never fail to bring the LOLs, and we’ve got some fun surfing puns to help you out.

Just prepare yourself, cause some of these are groan-worthy.

Remember – you were warned!

Surfing Puns

These are puns specifically related to surfing.

  • Surfing is swell.
  • Having a swell time.
  • Just going to a board meeting.
  • Surfer on board.
  • A couple of waves should tide me over.
  • When it comes to surfing, I like to keep current.

Ocean Puns for Surfing

  • The ocean likes me. It always waves.
  • Trouble? Wave it away.
  • Just smile and wave.
  • Happiness comes in waves.
  • Water we doing with our lives?
  • Seas the day.
  • Sea you soon.
  • Life’s a beach.
  • Yeah buoy!
  • Keep palm and carry on.

Surf Pun Jokes

All these surf jokes have punny punchlines.

surf cartoon

Q: Why did the surfer smoke a pre-roll before hitting the waves?

A: He wanted to make sure the tide was high.

Q: The surfer who forgot her surfboard just jumped on a fish. She was a sole surfer.

Q: What do you call a surfer who surfs from England to Europe?

A: A channel surfer.

Q: How’d the surfboard get cracked?

A: The waves were breaking.

Q: How can you tell if a businessman is a surfer?

A: He always has a wet suit.

Q: Why did the surfer make out his will?

A: Because where there’s a will, there’s a wave.

Q: What did the aggravated surfer say to the ocean?

A: Don’t be salty.

Q: What do you pay to get out of surf jail?

A: Bail.

Q: Why don’t surfers reheat their leftovers?

A: They hate micro-waves.

Q: What detergent do surfers use?

A: Tide.

Q: What swells do rock star surfers prefer?

A: Sound waves.

Q: What does a peasant with a board do in the ocean?

A: Serf.

Find any ankle slappers on here? Or did we totally bomb?

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