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Funny Swimming Puns To Give Swimmers The LOLs (And Swimming Jokes!)

Looking to be punny at your next swim meet?

We dove deep and pooled out some of the best swimming puns around.

They may not be strokes of genius, but hopefully they’ll still make a splash.

Swim Puns for All Occasions

These are all occasion swim puns.

Use them at the pool, beach, lake, or wherever you do your swimming.

  • It’s going swimmingly.
  • When I swim, I always try to make a splash.
  • Classical swimmers learn the Bach stroke.
  • Getting back in the swim of things.
  • It’s a waterful life.
  • Best fins forever.
  • If you don’t like these swim puns, you probably have a dry sense of humor.

Swimming Pool Puns

These swim puns are pool-specific.

  • I’m relay fast in the pool.
  • To infinity pool and beyond.
  • I’ve gone off the deep end.

Punny Swimmer Pick Up Lines

  • Water you doing later?
  • You’ve been swimming through my mind all night.
  • Want to see my stroke?
  • Just thought I’d float over and see what’s up.

Swim Pun Jokes

All these swim jokes have punny punchlines.

Q: Why are elephants always ready to swim?

A: They always wear their trunks.

I hate swimmer potlucks. Everyone brings pool noodles.

Q: Why couldn’t the vegetarian join the swim team?

A: Swim meats.

Q: Why did the swimmer always swim in the deep end?

A: She didn’t want to be shallow.

Q: Where does Casper go swimming?

A: Lake Eerie.

Q: How did the neighborhood finally get a swim spot?

A: The neighbors pooled their resources.

Q: How do chickens swim?

A: Cluck-wise.

Q: What did the fish say when he swam into the wall?

A: Dam.

Q: Do you want to go swimming later?

A: It deep-ends.

Q: Why wouldn’t the heart patient do swimming rehab?

A: He was worried about strokes.

Q: Why did the swimmer start smoking?

A: To increase his chance of stroke.

Did these swim puns leave you gulping for air, or are you gill-ty of being annoyed?

Sorry if we o-FIN-ded you, but we had a kick doing it.