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Where To Jet Ski In Colorado

There are so many activities that you can do with your jet ski, from water sports to tricking and simply just riding waves.

It is a versatile vessel and should be used every chance you get.

If you are in Colorado, consider taking a jet ski out on the water for some fun.

If you are not sure where to go, this guide will give you some of the best places to jet ski in Colorado.

9 Amazing Places to Jet Ski in Colorado

If you’re looking for the best places to jet ski, Colorado has plenty to offer!

See for yourself:

1. Grand Lake

This is the largest natural body of water in Colorado, so why not explore it with a jet ski?

It is situated near the Rocky Mountain National Park and the city of Grand Lake.

It is a hub for water sports.

With the Rocky Mountain National Park as your backdrop, why would you not want to spend your time here?

Jet skiing at this location should be at the top of your list as you get the views of the jaw-droppingly massive mountain while whizzing around.

Grand Lake is more than 8,000 feet above sea level and is well known for people going to do water sports here.

While at Grand Lake, explore the land and enjoy other outdoor recreation like hiking trails, off-roading, and biking.

2. Lake Granby

Lake Granby is known for being home to fish like salmon and trout.

So, when jet skiing at Lake Granby, be mindful of your surroundings as there will be plenty of people fishing.

But don’t worry too much – it’s the third-largest body of water in Colorado, so there will be an abundance of space to enjoy on your jet ski.

If you are looking to explore this area, visit the local communities like jet ski rentals or boat rentals and join guided tours.

You’ll get to enjoy spectacular Continental Divide views here.

3. Chatfield Reservoir

Chatfield reservoir is located in Chatfield State Park. It was created for flood control as well as to supply water.

It is one of the more popular places to jet ski near Denver and is enjoyed by both the locals and visitors.

Chatfield Reservoir is used for all kinds of water activities and is most definitely the place to be on weekends or hot days!

If you do not own a jet ski, you will have to look at rental companies close to Chatfield Reservoir, as you will not be able to get jet ski rentals at the Chatfield Marina.

4. Horsetooth Reservoir

This large reservoir is situated near the town of Fort Collins – not only one of the best places to jet ski but also for other outdoor activities like horseback riding and boating.

You won’t be bored on a trip to Fort Collins!

While water skiing, explore all of the inlets like Inlet Bay Marina this reservoir has to offer.

5. Cherry Creek Reservoir

Cherry Creek Reservoir
image: Cathy McCray/Flickr, CC 2.0

This reservoir is open year-round and is the perfect place to go on jet skis, boats, and more.

You can visit the local towns like Grand Junction, Paonia, Cedaredge, Hotchkiss, and Delta.

Cherry Creek Reservoir not only opens itself up to water sports but outdoor activities too.

It’s perfect for camping and is known to have modern campgrounds and opportunities for wildlife viewing with the Rocky Mountains as your picturesque background.

6. Jackson Lake

Situated in the northeast region of Colorado, Jackson Lake is in the Jackson Lake State Park.

This park offers a vast reservoir with sandy beaches and over 300 campsites.

Jet skiing here is ideal for those who want to stay for the day or who are camping for the weekend.

Rent your jet skis for the weekend and have the most fun with your loved ones here!

7. Navajo Reservoir

Situated in the southwest region of Colorado, Navajo Reservoir is on the New Mexico state line.

It is located in the Navajo State Park and boasts perfect water for jet skis as well as mountain biking tracks and other fun outdoor activities.

Jet skiing here with your friends and family should be on your list when in Colorado!

8. Blue Mesa Reservoir

Blue Mesa Reservoir is the largest body of water in the state of Colorado, making riding on jet skis here a breeze!

There is almost no need to look out for other riders and marine vessels.

It is so big you will basically feel like you are the only person there!

While at Blue Mesa Reservoir, visit the Elk Creek Marina and Lake Fork Marina, and stay at the Blue Mesa Adventure Pods while you are there.

9. Lake Pueblo

Our final recommendation, Lake Pueblo, is situated in Lake Pueblo State Park and is known as a hotspot for fishing.

With 60 miles of shoreline and nearly 10,000 acres of land, this place offers so much outdoor recreation.

Besides jet skiing (which is an absolute must!), you can go boating, camping, and look out for local wildlife.

There is so much to see and do that spending only one day here is simply not enough!

It’s the perfect spot for a weekend away from it all.

Final Thoughts

All of these lakes are abundant with wildlife, outdoor activities as well as beautiful views.

Visiting Colorado and its National Parks and lakes is simply an activity that you have to do multiple times to experience all there is on offer!

Jet skiing at these places is just one of those adventures that you cannot pass up.

Take your whole family or your entire group of friends and make a full vacation out of visiting these stunning places.

Whether you are visiting Colorado Lake, Turquoise Lake, Colorado River, or the many National Parks, you are sure to find something you’ll love!