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Where To Jet Ski In Sydney

Sydney has some of the best destinations to go on a fun-filled jet ski adventure!

There is no better way to spend the hot days in the Sydney sun than being on the open water with a watercraft.

With so many water sports and activities to choose from, you will be spoiled for choice.

Whether it is with your own jet ski or a rental, you will not be short of family-friendly activities on a jet ski.

Exploring the beautiful surroundings of Australia on a jet ski is the perfect way to kick off your Summer vacation.

Visit places like Broken Bay and Sydney Harbour or take a hot lap on the rivers and open oceans.

Jet ski fun in Sydney

sydney harbor
Sydney Harbor

Lake Macquarie

At Lake Macquarie, you can jump onto your jet ski near Morisset and enjoy the large area of water to play and whizz around on.

Lake Macquarie should not be confused with Port Macquarie, which is 4 hours away from the northern edge of Sydney.

This lake is only 90 minutes away, which means you will have more time to enjoy your time on the water!

Port Hacking

A beautiful place to go on a jet ski adventure!

You can hire a jet ski at Port Hacking. The meeting point is at the Yowie boat ramp.

The river opens up onto the South end of Cronulla Beach, where you can ride on the open ocean. While on the ride, you can take in the beautiful scenery.

Spending a hot day does not only have to be about tanning on the beach, instead, but you can also have loads more fun on a jet ski at Port Hacking.

Botany Bay

You can ride your jet ski at Botany Bay with no license required.

Be sure to check the weather conditions before spending the day here, as the wind can get quite choppy.

You can rent a jet ski for one or two hours here provided, you have a non-restricted Australian Personal Watercraft license (PWC license).

While on the jet ski, you can go on a ride and see the surrounding places like Les-Sands Beach, Ramsgate Beach, and Kurnell Beach.

Tuggerah Lake

This lake may be hiding bull sharks in its murky water, but it is certainly one of the best spots to go riding on a jet ski.

The lake leads to the ocean and is quite big, so you would not have to worry about marine traffic.

It is a great location to go riding with your friends and family!

Hawkesbury River

Hawkesbury river marina is the perfect location to go to over the weekends with your family and friends.

Here you can enjoy a beautiful summer’s day by the river and take your jet ski with you.

If you have a personal watercraft, the Hawkesbury river marina is the best place for jet ski riders to play around in the water.

There is no license required to ride your jet ski here.

The stunning Hawkesbury River is a popular place to visit, so you can expect a large number of people to be around.

This, however, will not be much of an issue as there is plenty of space in the water to test your tricks.

Where to find more jet ski activities in Sydney

Jet Ski Safaris NSW offers you exclusive jet ski hiring services in Sydney. They are the only tour company in Sydney, NSW, to offer unlicensed jet ski tours.

With Jet Ski Safaris NSW, you will get the chance to see beautiful locations.

Go under towering sandstone cliffs, cruise past the islands, go under the railway with your jet ski, and so much more.

These tours also include stopping at Spencer for a delicious meal.

Jet Ski Safaris NSW has three packages to choose from:

  • The corporate package – The corporate package offers you team-building and experiences as well as Christmas parties.
  • The package for two – The package for two offers you jet ski hire for a family of 6. The tour lasts for 60 minutes. With your own jet ski, you will be taken to Bar Island as well as be given a brief history of the island. This tour costs AUD 1554.
  • The package for one – The package for one offers you a jet ski hire for a family of 4. The tour lasts for 60 minutes. With your own jet ski, you will be taken to Bar island as well as be given a brief history of the island. This tour costs AUD 1036.

Stay safe while jet skiing

The most important thing to do is stay safe while jet skiing, especially since you are sharing the water with other riders and boats.

Make sure that you are wearing the necessary safety gear like a life jacket as well as being mindful of your speed.

Here are some safety tips to remember:

  • Go slow around bends; anything can be coming around the corner. Be sure to slow down before turning.
  • Follow the marine rules.
  • Weekends are often busy, so be mindful of other riders, especially beginners and children.
  • Ask local Australian riders for advice before getting on the water. Ask about weather conditions, sea creatures, etc.
  • Remember jet ski etiquette. Especially on boat ramps.

Final thoughts

Australia is a wonderful country and certainly known for its stunningly breathtaking scenery and action-packed outdoor activities.

Jet skiing in Sydney should be one of those things on your bucket list, whether you are visiting the country or a local!

At an extra cost, you get to go on these fun-filled jet-skiing adventures.

Making memories in this very unique and special way makes it worth every bit of money spent.