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Do Inflatable Paddle Boards Pop?

Inflatable paddle boards have become increasingly popular in recent years.

This is likely from the convenience of being able to deflate it when you’re done.

But knowing that its inflatable may make you want to think twice about getting one.

There’s always the question of whether it is prone to losing air or popping.

Here is what you need to know about the inflatable paddle board and if it will pop.

Can Inflatable Paddle Boards Pop?

The short answer is inflatable paddle boards are actually surprisingly durable and are not prone to popping easily.

So, while it’s unlikely, it can happen.

What Are Inflatable Paddle Boards Made Of?

An inflatable paddle board can be used for many years and is not known to break easily or lose air.

They can certainly stand up to their competitor, the hard or rigid paddle board!

They are made with a drop-stitch and military-grade PVC, making them just as strong or even stronger than hard paddle boards.

Being made with military-grade materials gives the inflatable board the upper hand, as hard paddle boards are more likely to get dents and scrapes from rocks and knocks.

The more layers of PVC inflatable boards have, the stronger they will be.

Manufacturers have so much faith in their products that they will offer a longer warranty period.

Companies like Red Paddle offer a five-year warranty on all of their inflatable SUPs.

Purchasing a quality inflatable paddle board, giving it the correct care, and using it properly can mean that your inflatable SUP will last for years to come!

Storing and Transporting Your Inflatable Paddle Board

When traveling with inflatable paddle boards, you’ll need a storage bag for it.

The best way to store your inflatable paddle board is to let the air out, roll it up like a sleeping bag, and put it in the bag.

This will make it easier to carry around and is most of the time carried on your back.

It is best to store your inflatable SUP boards away from direct sunlight as this can wear them down.

If you are going to store it while being inflated, make sure there’s enough space and cover it so that it’s not exposed to the elements, dust, or nibbling dogs!

If you have a hard paddle board, it is best to get a roof rack (like these) so it’s easier to transport.

Carrying it around everywhere you go will not be an easy task!

How to Maintain Inflatable Paddle Boards

Inflatable stand-up paddle boards are made of very strong materials and are very much able to compete on the same level as rigid boards.

A good inflatable board should be treated with care to ensure that it lasts for a long time.

Maintaining it will save you loads of time and effort of having to need to get it repaired or replaced.

Be sure to keep your paddle board clean.

Rinse off any dirt and saltwater with fresh water after use.

You can use dish soap and a soft cloth or brush to do so.

Cleaning it will save you time and effort next time you want to use it, and it’ll also prevent mildew and other build-ups from forming on the deck pad.

Drying inflatable paddle boards after using them is important, especially before storing them.

You can use a towel or let it air dry.

If your stand-up paddle board gets damaged, get yourself a repair kit so you can have ways to fix it.


Should you keep your paddle board deflated when not in use?

When you are not using your paddle board, there is no problem with keeping it inflated.

Deflating your paddle board is not necessary if you have enough space to store it.

Paddle boards are mainly deflated when you need to travel with them or if you do not have storage space when it is inflated.

For the most part, keeping your paddle board inflated saves you a lot of time and effort.

Keeping it blown up for a long time also avoids the risk of it getting creased.

If you are going to leave your inflatable SUP with air in it after paddle boarding, be sure to let a bit of air out so that there is no pressure on the seams.

This will also give it space to breathe as air can expand.

Will my dog pop my inflatable paddle board?

Due to most inflatable paddle boards being made with many layers of military-grade materials, it’s almost impossible that your dog would pop it by biting or getting its nails into it.

The only problem you would have to worry about when it comes to your dog and your paddle board is if it is able to withstand your combined weight.

Exceeding the weight limit is the most common way your board can pop when having your dog on it.

If you choose to paddle board with your dog, you should get your dog familiar with the board first.

Properly training your dog to be around and on the board will decrease any risks of your dog trying to damage it.

Where can an inflatable paddle board be used?

Inflatable paddle boards can be used in all bodies of water, just like hard paddle boards!

It’s best to avoid using inflatable SUPs in shallow water with sharp rocks under the surface, or white water with strong currents.

Final Thoughts

Inflatable SUPs are very strong and are not prone to popping as they are made of strong, durable, long-lasting materials.

As long as you use, transport, store, and care for your inflatable boards properly, following our advice above, they can last just as long or even longer than hard boards.