5 Ways To Protect Your Surfboard From Damage

surfer in water

If you have taken up surfing, then you already know a good surfboard can cost you a few hundred bucks (with nicer ones costing even more). And since you probably don’t want to have to buy another one anytime soon, it’s a good idea to try to protect your current board from damage. Cause even … Read more

Surfing Basics: 13 Tips For New Surfers

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Surfing looks like a lot of fun, and it looks pretty simple. Just get on a board and ride a wave. Simple right? Yes, but you still have to learn how do it, and like most things, is more complicated than it looks. In general it is better to get lessons from a professional, or … Read more

8 Best Surf Spots In Hawaii (for Pros and Amateurs)

surfing in waikiki

Anyone who likes to surf probably has a pin on their map marking Hawaii as a dream destination. Although history and tradition might be enough to draw some to the place where surfing began and developed, it is the world class waves found on the entire shore of Oahu and some of the other islands … Read more

Finding The Best Surfboard For Beginners (2022)

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If you haven’t been surfing before, buying a surfboard can be a pretty difficult task. There are lots of factors to consider and it can take some time before you begin to learn how to ride properly. There are certain boards available that are better to learn how to ride on than others, and we … Read more

Surfing In South America: Best Spots for Beginners

surfing in south america

Learning to surf on a beginner surfboard at the beach can be difficult and challenging, but also very rewarding. Some people travel all over the world, just to find the perfect waves. If you are a beginner big waves and fast water can seem intimidating, but there are a lot of great and exotic places … Read more

Hang Ten At The Best Surf Spots in Florida

surfing in st augustine florida

While many people go to Florida to relax on Miami’s beaches during the day and party at night, Florida’s beaches have more to offer than a good sun tan. The east coast is lined with consistent surf that can also get pretty impressive when hurricane season rolls around in the late fall. Jacksonville Area If … Read more

The 8 Best Cold Water Surf Spots In The World

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When you see the waves rolling in, a little thing like cold water shouldn’t stop you. Luckily, with the development of knew wetsuit technology you can surf almost anywhere – if you’re brave enough that is. The crisp air and blistering wind combined with icy water that will wake you up makes cold water surfing … Read more

6 Best Surf Spots In Southern California

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Choosing the best surf spots in Southern California isn’t exactly easy. Many of the beaches along the southern coast have had an important role to play in building the popularity of surfing, creating world class surfers and innovating surfing technology. Many locals probably have their own personal favorites, and several beaches contest who really has … Read more