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Where To Jet Ski On The Gold Coast

Start the warm season off right by spending your free time on the water.

Yes, you could tan on the beach or take a hike, but what about leveling up on the adventure by getting on a jet ski?

Jet skis are such a fun and adrenaline-filled way to do just that.

Going on a jet ski ride on the open ocean is an activity that everyone can do.

You do not need to own a jet ski as you can rent one to go on tours or even go high-speed wave riding.

There are so many beautiful locations to visit in Australia, and jet skiing on the Gold Coast is one of the best ways to see it!

Locations on the Gold Coast to jet ski

The Gold Coast is one of the best locations to do watersports and water activities.

Hire a jet ski, or bring your own and go on tours that are great value for money and so much fun.

North Stradbroke Island, Queensland, Australia
North Stradbroke Island, Queensland, Australia

Gold Coast Broadwater

At Gold Coast jet ski Broadwater, you have the option of hiring a jet ski for an hour.

There is an option to go alone or take a partner with you.

The tour guide will take you to see as well as explore Wavebreak Island, Sovereign Island, and Nerang River.

You do not need any jet ski experience or a license as you will get a safety briefing as well as a lesson on how to use the jet ski before the tour.

This is a fun adventure for all ages as the youngest age allowed to go on this tour is 8 years old and should always be accompanied by an adult.

This tour has been rated highly and is very much recommended to anyone wanting to explore the islands on the Gold Coast.

The cost of this is $190.

Hot air balloon flight and jet ski ride 1

Visit isolated islands at such good value on this once-in-a-lifetime experience on the Gold Coast!

Flying in a hot air balloon is already a magical experience, and then, to top it off, you get a 30-minute jet ski ride on the Broadwater.

Be prepared to see the most beautiful sunrise as you fly with birds and get soaked by the open water on the jet ski ride down below.

The hot air balloon only admits one person, while the jet ski ride allows two, with one as the driver and the other as the passenger. Keep this in mind when booking this adventure, as there is a second package where the hot air balloon can admit two.

Hot air balloon flight and jet ski ride 2

A hot air balloon flight is truly an amazing experience and the best way to finish the day is to go jet skiing on the Broadwater.

Go on a sunrise hot air balloon over the Gold Coast hinterlands, after which you will enjoy a thrilling ride on a jet ski safari to explore the islands as well as the sandbars, Surfers Paradise, and ride along Stradbroke Island.

There is no excuse not to take part in this double experience as the tour guides will teach you how to use the jet ski as well as take you along the tour.

This jet ski guided tour will take 30 minutes, with both of the activities admitting two people.

Do not forget your sunscreen and swimwear and have a good time!

The cost of this is $600.

Jet ski safari with a stop 1

There is no better way to go on a safari tour around the spectacular islands on the Gold Coast than with a jet ski.

Mixing speed, the open ocean, and beautiful scenery are the perfect match!

This guided jet ski tour lasts 90 minutes which is more than enough time to take in all of the sights.

Take a partner with you on this epic ride to share the moment with you.

Go full speed along the shores of Stradbroke island and through the narrow mangrove passages to reach South Stradbroke island to have refreshments and something delicious to eat.

On the island, you will see astounding wildlife while on your stop, after which you will head back.

The cost of this is $270.

Ultimate jet ski safari

This one is for the adrenaline junkies.

This 2.5-hour jet ski safari is a fun way to see South Stradbroke Island, which the locals call “South Straddie.”

You will have the chance to investigate narrow mangrove passages where you can usually experience high tide.

Once you have had the chance to whizz through the untamed water, you will be taken to a pub on the island where you can enjoy a refreshing drink.

You will, of course, receive a briefing on safety and a lesson on how to ride a jet ski before going on the trip.

You can bring a partner to join in on the thrills at no extra cost.

The cost of this is $390.


Are the trips worth it?

Visiting any location in Australia is worth it. It is known for its beautiful scenery.

What you should take into consideration is that you cannot put a price on making memories with the people you love.

The prices for these trips are very much affordable and with most of them admitting two people without any extra costs is an absolute bargain!

Do you need a license?

For these tours, there is no license required. You will be thoroughly briefed on safety as well as given a lesson on how to ride a jet ski.

All the staff are trained to assist you in any way necessary, especially if you are a beginner with no experience.

You are even broken up into levels of experience while on the rides so that you are properly looked after throughout.

Final Thoughts

Exploring the main beach, Surfers Paradise, while on jet ski tours or jet ski safaris is a special experience that should be added to everyone’s to-do list when visiting the Gold Coast.

The Gold Coast watersports are known to be top-notch, so you have to give it a go!